Vocal Exercise- Music Interval Training

music interval training

I’ve got another great ear training exercise for you! This exercise will teach you to sing the intervals found in the major scale. A musical interval is the distance between two pitches. In this exercise, we jump from Do to each note of the major scale (Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do). This…

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Join A Choir- The Benefits of Group Singing


Have you ever sung in a choir? Is it something that you’ve considered but never followed through with? Today I want to talk about the joys and benefits of group singing. The image below is a picture of my high school choir (can you find me?). I was 15 yrs old at the time and…

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Chromatic Scale Solfege- How To Hear “Le”

Do you have a hard time hearing the chromatic tones of the solfege scale (the notes outside of the major scale)? You are not alone! These guys are tricky. I had a really hard time hearing them myself until I figured out an easy way to practice them. I created a few simple vocal exercises…

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Awesome Vocal Exercise in Minor Key

vocal exercise

So far, I’ve only posted vocal warm-ups based on the major scale. This new vocal exercise is in minor. It’s a fun, simple vocal exercise that you can throw into your daily practice routine. In this video tutorial, I take you through a practice session in all twelve minor keys. Minor Key Vocal Exercise Here…

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Advanced Solfege Practice- Me & Se

solfege practice

Are you ready to take your solfege practice and sight singing to the next level? This tutorial is designed to help you hear and sing the solfege syllables “Me” and “Se”. Solfege Practice- “Me” & “Se” If you haven’t already, now would be a great time to check out the other tutorials in this series-…

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How To Overcome Stage Fright- A Singer’s Guide

how to overcome stage fright

The first time I sang solo in front of a crowd I was 13 and petrified. It was a recital held at my middle school and I was to sing an Italian art song. By this time, I had been taking voice lessons for 2 years and knew that I wanted to be a singer.…

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How To Sing The Chromatic Solfege Scale

chromatic solfege

So many of you have asked me for more solfege ear training videos. I listened and just recorded another great tutorial for you! The chromatic solfege scale is a 12 note scale that covers all of the notes on the piano. The scale is easy to play on the piano but challenging to sing. The…

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How To Become A Professional Singer

how to become a professional singer

Do you have dreams of becoming a professional singer, but don’t feel like you are ready to get on stage? Or maybe you’d like to perform with a band or vocal group just for fun? Here’s what you’ll need to succeed. How To Become A Professional Singer 1.) The skills to pay the bills- You…

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How To Sing Amazing Grace

How To Sing Amazing Grace

Hello Singers! Today I’m going to teach you to how to sing Amazing Grace. This a simple and beautiful song that is perfect practice for beginners and advanced singers. “Amazing Grace” has a lot of great vocal training opportunities- big jumps, long held notes, melodic interpretation & improvisation (riffs and runs) and harmony singing. In…

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How To Sing The Blues Scale

blues scale

Do you ever wonder where great singers get their melodic ideas for riffs and runs? Or how about improvisation (scatting)? Where do these ideas come from? It may seem like great singers are pulling these ideas out of thin air, but they are actually using their ears to create melodies that fit within the chord…

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