Chromatic Scale Solfege- How To Hear “Le”

Do you have a hard time hearing the chromatic tones of the solfege scale (the notes outside of the major scale)? You are not alone! These guys are tricky. I had a really hard time hearing them myself until I figured out an easy way to practice them. I created a few simple vocal exercises that focus on each of the notes outside of the major scale. In this lesson, the vocal exercise focuses on the flat 6 scale degree (La flat)- “Le”.

Chromatic Scale Solfege- “Le”

More About The Chromatic Scale…

The chromatic solfege scale uses different syllables for the notes going up and coming down. Think of the ascending notes as sharps (#) and the descending notes as flats (b).

 solfege practice

The solfege syllables for the ascending scale are Do- Di- Re- Ri- Mi- Fa- Fi- Sol- Si- La- Li- Ti- Do

The solfege syllables for the descending scale are Do- Ti- Te- La- Le- Sol- Se- Fa- Mi- Me- Re- Ra- Do





So this exercise for “Le” is also an exercise for hearing “Si”- they are one and the same. It all depends on the context- just as Db and C# are the same note, so are “Le” and “Si”. Check out this video tutorial on the chromatic scale.

How To Practice

Practice this vocal exercise in all twelve keys. If you can play it for yourself on the piano, that’s great. If not, just use the video tutorial in this article. You will probably need to drill the exercise numerous times before you can start to hear “Le” without the help of the piano. Below is the exercise in the key of C.


chromatic scale solfege




Then create a chart for yourself like the one above and jump around from note to note, focusing on landing on “Le”. The interval from “Do” to “Le” is a minor 6th. Make sure you also practice finding “Le” from other points in the major scale. For instance, try jumping from “Mi” to “Le”, or “Re” to “Le” etc.

I will admit, this exercise is a tricky one. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a good amount of practice for you to master. I promise, it’s worth the effort. This exercise will improve your ear, help you sing more in tune and help your sight singing skills.

Stay tuned for more chromatic scale solfege tutorials!







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