How To Sing With Vibrato

You Can Learn How To Sing With Vibrato

What is Vibrato?

Vibrato is the oscillation in pitch that happens naturally in a relaxed singing voice- usually at the end of a phrase. Some people naturally have a lot of vibrato and some have just a little. It’s not something that should be forced or created. However, there are ways to bring out the vibrato in your voice naturally.

Vibrato is your voice’s way of releasing tension. If you have no vibrato, it’s very possible that you are singing with too much tension in your throat and vocal folds.

What can cause tension in your throat/vocal folds?

1.) Most often when a student comes to me with the no/very little vibrato, they are using their voice in an unnatural way that is putting to much pressure on their vocal folds. For example, they are trying to sing how they think a pop star sounds- most often too forcefully. Most don’t even realize they are doing it.

To release your vibrato, focus on your throat- more specifically, your vocal folds (chords).

  •     Take a deep, low breath and sing a note in the middle of your register. Don’t push for volume.
  •     As you sing, release any pressure or tension you are holding in your vocal folds.
  •     Feel your throat relax as the air passes through.
  •     Let your vocal folds feel relaxed and loose as they resonate.

2.) If you don’t have enough air flow supporting your voice, you will tense the muscles in your throat in an attempt to force the sound out. This causes vocal strain and can prevent your vocal folds from moving freely and releasing tension (and your vibrato).

Learning how to breath correctly with deep diaphragmatic breaths will help you let go of the tension in your throat. Check out these helpful video tutorials and learn how to breath for singing-Breathing Technique For Singers and 3 Easy Breathing Exercises For Singers

Focus on relaxing your throat & vocal chords, taking deep breaths, and singing in your natural unaffected singing voice. You should start to hear your vibrato come out!

Enjoy your practice and I’ll see you next time.





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