Interval Ear Training for Singers

Can you sing in tune? Does your ear need a little work? Even talented singers need to train their ears to improve their vocals. The most important musical skill a singer can have is excellent pitch. Solid rhythm is a very, very close second. I think most of us would prefer to listen to someone who is in tune and out of time than someone who is out of tune and in time. (Some rhythm section players might disagree with me on this one.)

It’s true that some people can’t tell if they are singing in tune or not. With practice, most people can learn to hear if they or someone else is singing out of tune.

Even talented singers with good pitch can hit a few “clams” now and then. But practicing pitch accuracy with interval ear training is an excellent way to refine your ear and stay in tune.

Interval Ear Training- Vocal Exercise

A Little Review

Remember, an interval is the distance between two pitches. All of the intervals in this exercise are part of the major scale and are major & perfect intervals. What are major and perfect intervals? Learn more about these terms here- Vocal Exercise- Music Interval Training

How To Practice

Here are the 2 interval ear training exercises that are in today’s video tutorial written out in the key of C. If you can play the piano, play these for yourself as you sing. Then try to sing them a cappella, checking your pitch with the piano from time to time. Practice singing these exercises in all twelve keys.

interval ear training



interval ear training




*Singing Tip* Record yourself singing these exercises (or any song or vocal exercise you are working on). Listen back carefully for any notes that are out of tune (sharp or flat). Listening to a recording of yourself can be a humbling experience, but it is the best way to hear subtle pitch inaccuracies that you didn’t hear while you were singing. It’s hearing your voice the way other’s hear it. Try not to be overly critical if you don’t like what you hear. This is practice and singing some weird notes is part of the process.


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    Nice lesson. I got it!

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    Very helpful! Thanks!

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