How To Become A Professional Singer

how to become a professional singer

Do you have dreams of becoming a professional singer, but don’t feel like you are ready to get on stage? Or maybe you’d like to perform with a band or vocal group just for fun? Here’s what you’ll need to succeed. How To Become A Professional Singer 1.) The skills to pay the bills- You…

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How To Sing Amazing Grace

How To Sing Amazing Grace

Hello Singers! Today I’m going to teach you to how to sing Amazing Grace. This a simple and beautiful song that is perfect practice for beginners and advanced singers. “Amazing Grace” has a lot of great vocal training opportunities- big jumps, long held notes, melodic interpretation & improvisation (riffs and runs) and harmony singing. In…

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How To Sing The Blues Scale

blues scale

Do you ever wonder where great singers get their melodic ideas for riffs and runs? Or how about improvisation (scatting)? Where do these ideas come from? It may seem like great singers are pulling these ideas out of thin air, but they are actually using their ears to create melodies that fit within the chord…

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Simple Sight Singing Exercises

sight singing exercises

Have you always wanted to learn how to read music? Do you want to improve your singing and sight singing skills? I can help you! I’ve written out some simple, helpful exercises to get you started. It’s not as hard as you might think. If sight singing is completely new to you, check out this…

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How To Practice Singing- Practice Guide

how to practice singing

Do you want to become a better singer, but you’re not sure how or what to practice to improve? A lot of my students come in for a first lesson with these questions- “How do I practice?”, “What do I practice?”, “How much do I need to practice?” I’ve laid out a detailed practice guide…

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How To Make A “Cover Song” Your Own

radioactive cover song

A great cover song has something different that sets it apart from the original. There are a lot of ways to create a unique cover song that people will love to listen to. Here are a few- 1.) Find a song that you love. If you’re looking to get a lot of youtube views, choose…

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Easy Transposition Chart for Singers

transposition chart

Are there songs that you would love to sing, but they’re in the wrong key for your voice (too high or too low)? This happens to all singers. Maybe the recording artist is a tenor and you’re a baritone? Or possibly the belted notes are too high on that Adele song and you find yourself…

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How To Sing High Notes Without Straining- 3 Powerful Tips

how to sing high notes

Do you struggle with singing notes at the top of your range? Do you feel tension or tiredness in your throat when you try to belt high notes? You’re definitely not alone. I’ve got 3 great tips that will teach you how to sing high notes with ease. How To Sing High Notes- 3 Powerful…

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3 Incredible Things You Can Learn From Prince


Prince is one of my favorite musicians and biggest musical influences. He taught me how to sing runs, how to put funk in my rock, how to sing with attitude and how to be exactly who I want to be on stage. He was a beautiful musician and there is so much we can learn…

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Easy Guide To Learning Key Signatures

key signatures

What is a key signature? A key signature is a set of sharp (#) or flat (b) symbols placed together on the music staff. You can find key signatures at the beginning of a piece of music- right between the clef sign and the time signature. The key signature tells you what key the piece of music…

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