Singing Exercises For Better Breath Control

singing exercises

Breath control is one of the most important aspects of good singing technique. Having good breath support effects how high, long and loud you can sing. It even effects your pitch (not enough air flow and your pitch will fall flat).

In singing, we use a deep breathing technique called diaphragmatic breathing. I’ve spoken in depth about diaphragmatic breathing in previous posts. If the concept is new to you, be sure to check out these two tutorial videos/articles- 3 Easy Breathing Exercises For Singing & Breathing Technique For Singing

Practicing singing exercises on a daily basis is the fastest way to strengthen your voice and gain control over your breath. Today I’m going to teach you some great singing exercises that will help you do exactly that.

Singing Exercises For Better Breath Control

Exercise #1- Practice Singing Long Phrases

This exercise (as demonstrated in the video) is a long phrase based on the major scale. The goal is to be able to sing the entire phrase in one breath.

Here it is written out with solfege syllables-

If getting to the end of this exercise in one breath is difficult for you, keep practicing and pushing yourself. Try to use every bit of air you've got to make it to the end. Concentrate on taking a deep, low breath and feel the air leave you in a constant, steady stream.

Here is a recording of this exercise at a faster tempo. The faster tempo makes it easier to get through the whole phrase in one breath.


Exercise #2- Practice On A Lip Trill (motorboat sound with pitch)

The lip trill requires a constant, steady stream of air. Without it, your trill will sputter out. I admit, you might feel and look a little silly doing this one, but it’s super effective- so go for it.

You can do a lip trill on any vocal exercise/warm-up. The longer the phrase, the better.

Here's an example of a lip trill-


Exercise #3- Practice Staccato

You can take any of your favorite vocal exercises and do them with staccato (short) notes. (Try these exercises staccato- 5 Easy Vocal Warm-ups For Singers & 2 Challenging Vocal Exercises for Singers)

When singing staccato notes, you should feel the muscles of your stomach contract slightly as you push little bursts of air from your lungs. This exercise helps you feel how the muscles in the stomach are involved in singing.

When you sing the muscles in your stomach should tighten slightly to support your diaphragm as it pushes air our of your lungs. We call this breath support.

Here's an example of staccato singing-


Exercise #4- Actual Exercise

I've read before that Beyonce and Usher both practice singing on a treadmill to get their lungs in shape to sing and dance at the same time.

Even if your not dancing while you're singing, cardio exercise is a great way to expand your lung capacity and keep your body and voice healthy.

Yoga is also a great type of exercise for singers. There is focus on deep breathing and awareness of your body (your instrument).

Keep practicing and I'll see you next time!






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    These exercises are great, thanks so much! I was just wondering if there was any way that we could download the mp3’s that you have above so that we can use them to practice with when not able to access the web?
    Thanks again.

    Kind regards

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