Looking For Singing Lessons Online?

You can take Skype Voice Lessons from the comfort of your own home!

  • How Do I Schedule A Lesson?

    Just call or email Meghan to schedule a lesson!


    Email Meghan

  • What Do I Need?

    All you need is a good internet connection and a free Skype account!


  • What Do Singing Lessons Cost?

    $30 for 30min

    $60 for 1 hr

Voice Lesson Details

*Teaching Philosophy*

Every voice is a unique instrument! I create a relaxed, positive environment where you'll feel comfortable to sing without inhibitions.

This makes progress easy and enjoyable. Voice lessons are catered to your individual talents and goals. My students sing only what they enjoy and feel passionate about.

 *Lesson Structure*

Voice lessons are offered in time slots of 30 and 60 minutes - generally once a week. A lesson is split into two parts: Warmup (Vocal stretches, exercises and ear training) and Repertoire.

The amount of focus put on each portion varies from student to student in order to get the best results.

*Vocal Technique*

I am a classically trained vocalist with a degree in Jazz Performance.

I've performed in rock, funk, R&B, Blues, Country and Folk bands and have found that proper vocal technique can be applied to any genre.

I teach with a focus on healthy singing, breath control and vocal strength and flexibility.

*The Educated Vocalist*

I arm my students with knowledge on how to read music, choose keys and write your own lead sheets.

Music theory is not drudgery because it is worked into the vocal exercises and repertoire study.

You can choose to learn as much or as little theory as you like.

*Children's Voice Lessons*

Children's voice lessons are focused on building musicianship and enjoying music. I want them to have fun and love music.

30 minute lessons are recommended for kids under 12 years.

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