Fun Three Part Harmony Exercise!

three part harmony singing

Ok- I’ve got a new three part harmony exercise for you guys! Today’s song study is a 1940’s jazz classic made famous by the Andrew Sisters- “Sentimental Journey”. I’m going to teach you the three part harmony for the A section of this song (the verse). Here’s a video of myself and a couple of friends singing the tune-

Three Part Harmony Exercise

It’s such a pleasure to create music with another human voice. When harmonies are locked in perfectly in tune it’s an exceptional feeling. But unless you grew up in a musical family or singing in a church choir, harmonies can be really difficult to hear and sing in tune. I’ve discovered that a simple systematic approach to three part harmony singing is extremely effective.

First– You want to learn your harmony part inside and out. Learn it like it’s a melody that can stand on its own. Be able to sing it totally in tune a cappella.

Here are the three vocal parts for “Sentimental Journey”. Sing along with the melody line a few times to get familiar with the song and then pick a part to study (low harmony or high harmony). Most men should be able to hit the low harmony and melody. Tenors & high baritones, you’ll be able to hit the highest harmony as well.

Melody Line-

High Harmony-

Low Harmony-


Second– Once you’ve got your part down, it’s time to try singing it along with the melody. If you are practicing live with another singer, have them sing the melody part quietly at first. This will give you an opportunity to focus on your part without being distracted by the melody. If you are listening to a recording, simply turn down the volume. Slowly increase the melody volume and try to hold your part. Here are recordings of me singing the melody while playing the other parts on the piano-

Lead with High Harmony-

Lead with Low Harmony-


Third– Bring up the volume so that all voices are equal. Listen carefully to the melody and other parts to lock in. You have to be confident of your own part before you can listen to the others.

Here is the sheet music for this 8 bar harmony exercise. Follow along as you sing-

three part harmony


Sentimental Journey PDF







I plan to do a lot more harmony exercises going forward, so let me know of any challenges are you having in the comments section and I’ll try to address them in my next article. Enjoy your three part harmony practice!

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