Awesome Vocal Exercise in Minor Key

vocal exercise

So far, I’ve only posted vocal warm-ups based on the major scale. This new vocal exercise is in minor. It’s a fun, simple vocal exercise that you can throw into your daily practice routine. In this video tutorial, I take you through a practice session in all twelve minor keys.

Minor Key Vocal Exercise

Here is the vocal exercise written in the key of A minor.

vocal exercise

Songs in Minor Keys

Minor keys have a different sound and feeling than major keys do. They can sound sad, haunting, bittersweet or ominous (and a wide range of other emotions). Check out these neat discriptions of each key by Christian Schubart in 1806. Major keys are usually associated with brighter, happier feelings. TIP: Next time you are listening to music in the car, try to determine if the songs are in major or minor. Check to see if you are correct (just google it). If you practice this regularly, you will be able to easily distinguish between major and minor keys. Here are some great songs in minor keys-

Bruno Mars-When I Was Your Man

Radio Head- Karma Police

Adele- Set Fire To The Rain

Beyonce- Crazy In Love

Gershwin- Summertime

Billie Holiday- Don’t Explain

Bill Withers- Ain’t No Sunshine

Tom Petty- Last Dance With Mary Jane

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance

How To Practice-

If you have some piano skills you can play the notes or the chords for yourself as you sing through the exercise. Sing on any vowel sound, or add words if you like. The chords in A minor are /Amin/Amin/Dmin/Dmin/Amin/Amin/. The i chord and the iv chord.

Amin= A-C-E, Dmin=D-F-A

If you don’t play the piano, just use the tutorial video to practice! Or better yet, learn to play the piano here 🙂

Please include some of your favorite songs in minor keys in the comments section!



  • Kamil Horák

    Reply Reply February 10, 2017

    Hello Megan. This exercize will be for me very helpful. I like songs in Major scale. But i have gaps to hear and to intonate in Minor scales. How about Major scale with flats or Minor scale with sharps? Will be any new exercize about it? Many thanks, Kamil.

    • Meghan Nixon

      Reply Reply February 17, 2017

      Hi Kamil! Thanks for the comment. The exercise in this tutorial is played in all twelve minor keys- that includes all sharp and flat keys.

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