5 Easy Vocal Warm Ups For Singers

Warming up your instrument (your voice and body) before you sing is essential to your vocal health. Jumping into singing full voice without warming up is like busting into a sprint without stretching your legs. You can hurt yourself that way!

My practice sessions always begin with some easy vocalizing & stretching, then move into more difficult exercises for agility, speed and breath control and finally onto whatever songs or skill acquisition (ear training, improvisation, harmony singing etc..) I’m working on that day.

I tend to carry most of my tension in my jaw and shoulders, so I make sure to stretch and loosen those muscles before I do any serious singing. Where do you carry your tension? In your neck? Throat? Jaw? Shoulders? Even the muscles in your face can get in the way of producing a open, free sound if they are too tense. You may be carrying tension and not even feel it. Watch yourself in a mirror or, even better, video record yourself singing to spot any tension that might be hindering your sound.

Keep in mind your breathing technique as you are doing vocal warm ups. If you haven’t learned about diaphragmatic breathing yet, check out these helpful videos/articles- Breathing Technique For Singing & 3 Easy Breathing Exercises For Singing. Adding a few breathing exercises into your vocal warm up routine is a great idea if you are struggling with mastering deep breathing (It takes a lot of practice!!).

Posture is another important consideration while are you are doing vocal warm ups. Ideally you should be standing while warming up. Stand with your legs hip width apart, your shoulders balanced over your hips and your head balanced over your shoulders. Relaxed and open. If standing isn’t possible, you can sit upright at the edge of a chair.

Drink Water as you practice! It’s important to keep your vocal cords hydrated. I like to have warm water with honey and lemon.  The honey coats and soothes the throat and vocal cords and the lemon helps clear away any flem.

Vocal Warm Ups

Check out this video for some helpful stretches and easy vocal warm ups!





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  • Dori Suess

    Reply Reply September 3, 2016

    still having trouble making the motor boat sound but I’ll practice some more

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