How To Sing Amazing Grace

How To Sing Amazing Grace

Hello Singers! Today I’m going to teach you to how to sing Amazing Grace. This a simple and beautiful song that is perfect practice for beginners and advanced singers. “Amazing Grace” has a lot of great vocal training opportunities- big jumps, long held notes, melodic interpretation & improvisation (riffs and runs) and harmony singing. In this article you’ll find the lyrics, chords and sheet music (in two different keys!) as well as an accompaniment track and a practice track with the melody played on the piano.

How To Sing Amazing Grace

“Amazing Grace” is most often found written in the key of G- this is a good key for Sopranos, Tenors and Baritones (high/medium high voices). Print out the sheet music so you can look at it/make notes as you practice with the piano track.

–Amazing Grace High Key–

Amazing Grace Sheet Music in G-

“Amazing Grace”- GMajor

Amazing Grace Melody Practice Track in G-


After you have learned to sing the melody of “Amazing Grace” in tune, it’s time to practice it with just the piano accompaniment (no melody guide). You could use a karaoke track as well.

Accompaniment Track in G-


–Amazing Grace Low Key–

For those of you who have lower voices (low baritones, basses and altos) or smaller ranges (have trouble with high notes), try singing “Amazing Grace” in the key of C.

Amazing Grace Sheet Music in C-

“Amazing Grace” in C Major

Amazing Grace Melody Practice Track in C-

Accompaniment Track in C-


Song Study

Choosing songs that have a lot of good vocal training opportunities is a fun way to develop your voice. Songs that require a lot of breath control, have big melodic jumps and long held notes are great for improving your singing skills. Hymns, musical theater songs and folk/art songs are a perfect place to start. This book is my favorite to use with students who are looking to strengthen their voices and gain breath support Folk Songs For Solo Singers- Medium High VoiceFolk Songs For Solo Singers- Medium Low Voice

This book comes with an accompaniment CD to practice with (it’s like having a great piano player at your disposal!)

Make a recording of yourself singing Amazing Grace and share it in the comments section!

Enjoy your practice!

P.S. Here are the full lyrics-

Amazing Grace Lyrics

And here are the guitar/piano chords in G Major-

Amazing Grace Chords in G


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